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Fighting Fish: A Playful Tribute to Martial Arts in an Unusual Form

Fighting Fish: A Playful Tribute to Martial Arts in an Unusual Form

Martial arts are not something to be taken lightly. Still, sometimes, it doesn’t hurt to approach it from a more playful point of view. It has been done quite often – we have movies, TV series, even video games mixing martial arts with humor and adventure. Fighting Fish is a game that approaches martial arts from a completely different point of view, turning it into a fast-paced, funny, and entertaining slot machine you can try yourself at the Red Flush Online Casino.

Fighting Fish slot machine

When you hear “fighting fish”, you most likely either think of Roy Schneider’s case with the Megalodon (in Jaws), or the Siamese breed of fish known for its colorful appearance and its belligerent habits. If you thought of the second option, you’re as close to the true nature of the game I’m about to describe as it gets. Fighting Fish is a video slot machine with a bright red aquatic martial artist as its protagonist, ready to take on another one – a blue-and-green one – in the underwater match of the century.

The game has five reels, three rows, and 30 win lines. Its reels are filled with symbols related to fighting, but with an underwater twist: the ring is made of crinoids, the coach is a crab with a towel – which is utterly superfluous, given the underwater nature of the match, but so is the bucket on another symbols. But hey, it’s not a documentary, right?

Special features

If you play slot machines available at Red Flush casino, you’ll see that many of them are filled with special features and side games to make them even more profitable for the player. Fighting Fish is not an exception. When the Red and the Blue fish land on reels 2 and 4 respectively, the fight begins – in the form of bonus re-spins triggered by the game. Players must choose the side they believe has the stronger kung-fu, and witness the battle done by the two aquatic fighters. If their fighter wins, players receive a 2x multiplier on all wins from the following three re-spins. During the re-spins, reels 2 and 4 are completely Wild, maximizing the chances for them to be successful.

Where to play

You can play Fighting Fish, as well as hundreds of other games at the Red Flush Online Casino. The Red Flush has been around for quite some time, making a name as a trusted, fair gaming partner. Its games (including Fighting Fish) is available in its downloadable suite, but it also has a large collection of games running in a web browser, as well as over 130 titles that are also available on mobile.

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