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Asia MMA Trends: One Championship Fight to Accommodate Two Dozen Comps Next Year

Asian martial arts are a trendsetter as the sport has its roots deep down from that region itself. Of late we have not been hearing banters related to Asian MMA, however a lonesome playoff based in Singapore has finally lower the anchors on warmer shores. The championship intended for next season 2018 will host a record-breaking 24 live matches throughout Asia and will burgeon for novel markets of Japan and Southern Korea. The event holder based out in Singapore was introduced for MMA events in 2011 and has eighteen games on the anvil for next year. All events will be part of a single season and will be called the One Championship.

From the CEO

Chatri Sityodtong, chairman and CEO of the organization told pressmen: “We are thrilled to announce our incredible 2018 calendar of events for ONE Championship.” Sityodtong further added “We have 24 massive shows planned for all sports fans in Asia and will continue to showcase the absolute best in martial arts, delivered by our homegrown martial arts superheroes. 2018 is going to be an epic year of action and I can’t wait to get things started.


Two Shareholders

The upcoming event organizers have seen a positive presentation on the external rings for this year. In early 2017, the group generated a healthy $100mil in resources after fresh agreements with two renowned investors. One Championship also bagged an equity venture from Mission Holdings and Sequoia Capital for its upcoming seasons. Both conglomerates encompass marginal stakes for the games. The overall situation is followed by the MMA establishment signing a colossal 8-figure agreement with renowned company Heliconia Capital Management last year, which is a fully autonomous subsidiary belonging to Temasek Holdings.

Positive Stats for Online Bookmaking

As stated by 2017 data from the Nielsen stats group, Facebook Inc and a few other analyst portals, the One Championship experienced massive development in the beginning of 2014 via social media, television broadcasts and other means. PPV and viewing stats are in the range of 312000 in the year 2014 but have more than doubled significantly this year.

In such situations, online bookmakers deliver the odds related to the winners of the upcoming One Championship next year. How to choose the best online bookmakers is a recurring question for betting on sports and is well answered by renowned portals. It might be too early to guess the victor for the 2018 MMA games, and we suggest you to play the waiting game until the final sheets are ready.

While selecting a prop bet, the disparity amidst online bookmakers swells significantly and this is why you must act cautiously. Virtual bookmaking entails complex setting of lines with greater exposure of the book. Less number of portals will deliver unique betting props on future sporting events and this is highly significant.

Even as sports lovers and latent gamblers prep for the 2018 Mixed Martial Art season, it is vital to sift through different online bookmakers for the best deals. Suggestions on bookmaking sites will reveal several offers ranging from £10 to £500 and will also point towards free bets sites. Novice punters may use free bets as starters and graduate up the ranks towards monetary ones after gaining experience.

A noteworthy contender for the One Championship will most certainly be the UFC which is essentially based in America. The Ultimate Fight Championship got a retailing letter in the range of $4billion from Asian buyer WME-IMG.

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