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WMO results placing

The results

CO1Boys 6yrs and under: Open Weight1st: Callum Costello (Ireland)

2nd: Alfie Humphreys (Isle of Man)

3rd: Sonny Sweeting (England)

CO2Boys 8yrs and under: Open weight1st: Theo White (England)

2nd: James Crowe (Ireland)

3rd Blake Badger (Ireland)

CO4Boys 12yrs and under -30kg1st: David Winstanley (England)

2nd: Ahmad Mohomed (South Africa)

3rd: Gerard Simpson (England)

CO5Boys 12yrs and under -35kg1st: Mason Davies (England)

2nd: Connor Blackburn (England)

3rd: Josh Wynne (Ireland)

CO6Boys 12yrs and under -40kg1st: Tyler Essam (England)

2nd: Alexander Pienionek (England)

3rd: Xander Whelan (Canada)

CO7Boys 12yrs and under -45kg1st: Mikai White (England)

2nd: Filip Rudistanu (Ireland)

3rd: Declan Wilson (England)

CO8Boys 12yrs and under -50kg1st: Lee O’Keefe (Ireland)

2nd: Cameron Mac (England)

3rd: Mahmood Mahomed (South Africa)

C09Boys 12yrs & under +50kg1st: Mikai White (England)

2nd: Maggs Randall (England)

3rd: Christopher Ryan (Canada)

C10Boys 13-15yrs -45kg1st: Mikai White (England)

2nd: Quinton Smith (Australia)

3rd: James Mason (Canada)

C11Boys 13-15 yrs -50kg1st: Zak Riddell (Ireland)

2nd: James Gayles (England)

3rd: Quinton Smith (Australia)

C12Boys 13-15yrs -55kg1st: Sean Sookary (Ireland)

2nd: Harrison Fairhurst (England)

3rd: Cameron Jameson (Canada)

C13Boys 13-15yrs -60kg1st: Lewis Blackburn (England)

2nd: Pierce Manning (England)

C14Boys 13-15yrs -65kg1st: Pierce Manning (England)

2nd: Davey O’Connor (Ireland)

3rd: Ryan Blakburn (England)

C15Boys 13-15yrs +65kg1st: Alexandros Maizis (Canada)

2nd: Luke Kerrins (Ireland)

C19Boys 16-17yrs -70kg1st: Westley Van der Walt (South Africa)

2nd: Robert Purcell (Ireland)

3rd: Daniel Rollins (Ireland)

C20Boys 16-17yrs (+70kg)1st: Ryan Hawkins (Wales)

2nd:Jordan Rushforth

C21Girls 6yrs and under open weight1st: Mackenzie Whelan (Canada)

2nd: Salaamah Mahomed (South Africa)

3rd: Isabel Sadler (England)

C22Girls 8yrs and under open weights1st: Kacey Douglas (Ireland)

2nd: Lexi Gore (Ireland)

3rd: Madison Cashell (Ireland)

C23Girls 12yrs & under -25kg1st: Nicole Crowe (Ireland)

2nd: Faith Brown (England)

C25Girls 12 yrs and under -35kg1st: Laila Badger (England)

2nd: Jorja Redmond (Ireland)

3rd: Macey George (England)

C26Girls 12 yrs and under -40kg1st: Ella Jones (Wales)

2nd: Isabel Shaw (Ireland)

C31Girls 13-15yrs -50kg1st: Sinead Frampton (Ireland)

2nd: Holly Behan (Ireland)

3rd: Sophie Reay (Canada)

C33Girls 13-15yrs -60kg1st: Maddie McNeil (England)

2nd: Claire Storrs (England)

3rd: Paige Harris (England)

C34Girls 13-15yrs -65kg1st: Erin Carter (Australia)

2nd: Deanna Gallacher (England)

3rd: Sara Melock (England)

C35Girls 13-15yrs +651st: Erin Carter (Australia)

2nd: Rebecca White (England)

3rd: Anay Cook (England)

C37Girls 16-17yrs -60kg1st: Chloe Adcock (England)

2nd: Claire Storrs (England)

3rd: Maddie McNeil (England)

C42Men 18yrs+ over   -62kg1st: Pierce Manning ( England)

2nd: Jordan Mayfield (England)

3rd: Josh Davies (Ireland)

C43Men 18yrs & over -69kg1st: Craig Bullock (England)

2nd: Aaron Fairclough (England)

3rd: Scott Johnson (England)

C45Men 18yrs+ over -83kg1st: Ashley King (England)

2nd: Michael Davison (England)

3rd: Jake Riddell (Ireland)

C47Men 18yrs+ over +90kg1st: Scott Jopling (England)

2nd: Steven Murphy (Ireland)

3rd: David Jenkins (Canada)

C48Mens vets 35yrs and over -75kg1st: Jonathan Cropley (England)

2nd: Paul Manning (England)

C49Mens 35yrs and over -85kg1st: Chris Badger (England)

2nd: Michael Davision (England)

C52Mens Vets 42yrs & over (-85kg)1st: Simon Oates (England)

2nd: Christopher Rees (England)

3rd: Jackques Dicks (South Africa)

C53Mens Vets 42yrs and over +85kg1st: Patrick Prizeman (Ireland)

2nd: Stuart Harris (England)

3rd: Paul Da Costa (Canada)

C55Mens vets 48yrs and over -85kg1st: James Anderson (England)

2nd: Gary Wilkinson (England)

3rd: Jacques Dicks (South Africa)

C56Mens Vets 48yrs & over (+85kg)1st: Kevin Colquhoun (Canada)

2nd: Syed Haider Mannan (England)

3rd: Ryan Crook (Ireland

C59Women 18yrs and over -69kg1st: Chloe Adcock (England)

2nd: Victoria Rode (Canada)

C60Women 18yrs and over +69kg1st: Keeley Manning (England)

2nd: Claire Schlie (England)

3rd: Nicola Stanford (England)

P01Boys 6yrs and under open weight1st: Sonny Sweeting (England)

2nd: Alfie Humphreys (Isle of Man)

3rd: Callum Costello (reland)

P02Boys 8yrs and under open weight1st: Theo White (England)

2nd: Brandon Guiman (Ireland)

3rd: Kngsley Solomon (Canada)

P03Boys 12yrs & Under -25kg1st: Sonny Sweeting (England)

2nd: James Crowe (Ireland)

3rd: Joshua Viera (Canada)

P04Boys 12 yrs and under -30kg1st: Ahmad Mahomed(South Africa)

2nd: David Winstanley (England)

3rd: Gerard Simpson (England)

P05Boys 12yrs and under -35kg1st: Connor Blackburn (England)

2nd: Mason Davies (England)

3rd: Mitchell Street (Canada)

P06Boys 12yrs and under -40kg1st: Tyler Essam (England)

2nd: Connor Blackburn (England)

3rd: Leo Cromptom (England)

P07Boys 12yrs and under -45kg1st: Mikai White (England)

2nd: Filip Ruditanu (Ireland)

3rd: Hamza Shakir (Canada)

P08Boys 12yrs and under -50kg1st: Tyler Essam (England

2nd: Cameron Mac (England)

3rd: Mahmood Mahomed (south Africa)

P09Boys 12 yrs & under (+50kg)1st: Nathan Kammerer (Canada)

2nd: Antoine Diperno (Canada)

3rd: Delton Mcleod (Canada)

P11Boys 13-15yrs -50kg1st: James Gayles (England)

2nd: Mikai White (England)

3rd: Calvin Smit (Canada)

P13Boys 13-15yrs (-65kg)1st: Lewis Blackburn (England)

2nd: Samuel Aslamyar (Canada)

3rd: Shay White (Canada)

P14Boys 13-15yrs -65kg1st: Lewis Blackburn (England)

2nd: Ryan Blackburn (England)

3rd: Shay White (Canada)

P15Boys 13-15yrs +65kg1st: Ryan Blackburn (England)

2nd: Alexandros Maizis (Canada)

P19Boys 16-17yrs -70kg1st: Lewis Blackburn (England)

2nd: Westley Van der Walt (South Africa)

3rd: Ethan Leary (Ireland)

P20Boys 16-17yrs (+70kg)1st: Westley Van Der Walt (South Africa)

2nd: Jordon Rushforth (England)

3rd: Ryan Hawkins (Wales)

P21Girls 6yrs and under open weight1st: Mackenzie Whelan (Canada)

2nd: Salaamah Mahomed (South Africa)

3rd: Isobel Sadler (England)

P22Girls 8yrs and under open weight1st: Madison Cashell (Ireland)

2nd: Lexi Gore (Ireland)

3rd: Kacey Douglas (Ireland)

P25Girls 12yrs & under -35kg1st: Laila Badger (England)

2nd: Jora Redmond (Ireland)

P27Girls 12yrs and under -45kg1st: Ella Jones (Wales)

2nd: Lucy Winstanley (England)

P31Girls 13-15yrs -50kg1st: Amy Golder (Scotland)

2nd: Sophie Latimer (England)

3rd: Claire Mcarthy (Ireland

P33Girls 13-15yrs -60kg1st: Amy Golder (Scotland)

2nd: Rhian Fish (Wales)

P34Girls 13-15yrs -65kg1st: Amy Golder (Scotland)

2nd: Rhian Fish (Wales)

3rd: Erin Carter (Australia)

P35Girls 13-15yrs (+65kg)1st: Niamh Ryan (Ireland)

2nd: Rebekah Daily (Ireland)

3rd: Rhian Fish (Wales)

P36Girls 13-15yrs +65kg1st: Rebecca White (England)

2nd: Rebekah Daly (Ireland)

P37Girls 13-15yrs -60kg1st: Chloe Adcock (England)

2nd: Claire Storrs (England)

3rd: Katelyn Bateman (England)

P38Girls 16-17yrs (-65kg)1st: Claire Storrs (England)

2nd: Rhian Fish (Wales)

P39Girls 16-17yrs -70kg1st: Rebecca White (England)

2nd: Rhian Fish (Wales)

3rd: Nicole Davies (Ireland)

P40Girls 16-17yrs +70kg1st: Rhian Fish (Wales)

2nd: Cheyenne Kammerer (Canada)

P43Mens 18yrs and over -69kg1st: Craig Bullock (England)

2nd: Westley Van der Walt ( South Africa)

3rd: Aaron Fairclough (England)

P44Mens 18yrs and over -76kg1st: Aaron Fairclough (England)

2nd: Ste Muncaster (Isle of Man)

P45Men 18yrs and over -83kg1st: Simon Dodd (England)

2nd: Jordan Rushforth (England)

3rd: Ryan Fice (Canada)

P46Men 18yrs+ -90kg1st: Thomas Dodd (England)

2nd: Ryan Fice (Canada)

P47Mens 18yrs and over +90kg1st: Thomas Dodd (England)

2nd: Steven Murphy (Ireland)

P48Mens vets 35yrs & over (-75kg)1st: Kostyntyn Strillets (Canada)

2nd: Dann Fraga (Canada)

3rd: Steven Wilson (England)

P49Men vets 35yrs and over -85kg1st: Aslam Mahomed (South Africa)

2nd: Chris Badger (England)

3rd: Stuart Ross ( Canada)

P50Men Vets 35yrs & over (+85kg)1st: Simon Oates (England)

2nd: Michael Lowe (Isle of Man)

3rd: Harry Crawly (Canada)

P52Mens Vets 32yrs and over -85kg1st: Danny Griffiths (Canada)

2nd: Simon Oates (England)

3rd: Dicks Jacques (South Africa)

P53Mens vets 42yrs and over +851st: Patrick Prizeman (Ireland)

2nd: Paul Da Costa (Canada)

P55Mens vets 48yrs and over -85kg1st: Danny Griffiths (Canada)

2nd: Brian Clague (Isle of Man)

3rd: Gary Wilkinson (England)

P56Mens vets 48yrs & over (+85kg)1st: Mitchel Maxine (Canada)

2nd: Kevin Colquhoun (Canada)

P57Women 18yrs & over (-55kg)1st: Rebecca Payne (England)

2nd: Rachel Fice (Canada)

P58Women 18yrs and over -62kg1st: Rebecca Payne (England)

2nd: Chloe Adcock (England)

P59Women 18yrs & over (-69kg)1st: Rebecca Payne (England)

2nd: Victoria Rode (Canada)

P60Womens 18yrs and over +69kg1st: Leanne Emmerson (Wales)

2nd: Victoria Rode (Canada)

3rd: Valerie Desroches (Canada)

P61Women vets 35yrs & over -60kg1st: Susan Crawford (England)

2nd: Ruth Williams (Canada)

3rd: Louise Riley (Ireland)

P62Womens vets 35yrs and over +60kg1st: Michelle Maizis (Canada)

2nd: Nicola Stanford (England)

3rd: Andrea Gilders (Canada)

P100Vets + 60yrs points1st: Mahomed Ahroon (South Africa)

2nd: Hira Mohan (South Africa)

Ciara Eagan (Ireland)1st Place
Dane White (Ireland)1st Place
Diego Delepara (Canada)1st Place
Regan Maggs (England)1st Place
KU1Men 18yrs & over -75kg1st: Craig Bullock (England)

2nd: Kostyantyn Strillets (Canada)

KU2Men 18yrs & over -85kg1st: Simon Dodd (England)

2nd: Aslam Mahomed (South Africa)

3rd: Ryan Fice (Canada)

KU4Kids 9 yrs and under1st: Ahmad Mahomed (south Africa)

2nd: Mitchell Street (Canada)

K01Mixed 8yrs & under traditional forms1st: Arison Xourafas (Canada)

2nd: Jean Luca Canarapen (England)

3rd: Masie Ulyatt (England)

K02Mixed 8yr & under open division1st: Ariston Xourafas (Canada)

2nd: Maisie Ulyatt (England)

3rd: Salaamah Mahomed (South Africa)

K03Boys 12yrs & under Japanese1st: Mahmood Mahomed (south Africa)

2nd: Jack Doherty (England)

3rd: Jonah Farrell (Canada)

K12Girls 12yrs & under japanese1st: Hannah Jacques (England)

2nd: Frankie Ulyatt (England)

3rd: Madelain Shepherd (Scotland)

K21Boys 13-17yrs Japanese1st: Piers Cramp (england)

2nd: Shay White (Canada)

3rd: Samuel Aslamyar (Canada)

K30Girls 13-17yrs Japanese1st: Chloe Adcock (England)

2nd: Tyler Gooderham (Canada)

3rd: Megan Richardson (England)

K39Men 18yrs & over Japanese1st: Ryan Fice (Canada)

2nd: Kostyantyn Strilets (Canada)

3rd: Stuart Ross (Canada)

K48Women 18yrs & over Japanese1st: Victoria Rode (Canada)

2nd: Hannah Mercer (England)

3rd: Rachel Fice (Canada)

K57Men Vets 35yrs & over Japanese1st: Aslam Mahomed (South Africa)

2nd: Mitchel Maxine (Canada)

3rd: Ruben Barnachea (Canada)

K61Womens Vets 35yrs & over Japanese1st: Michelle Maizis (Canada)

2nd: Jackie Parle (England)

3rd: Andrea Gilder (Canada)

K13Girls 12yrs & under Korean1st: Frankie Ulyatt (England)

2nd: Isabel Shaw (Ireland)

3rd: Holly Irwin (Ireland)

K04Boys 12yrs & under Korean1st: Jack Doherty (England)

2nd: Filip Rudistanu (Ireland)

3rd: Josh Dawson (England)

K31Girls 13-17yrs Korean1st: Chloe Adcock (England)

2nd: Ally Guilfoyle (Ireland)

3rd: Alica Mislovicova (Ireland)

K22Boys 12yrs & under Korean1st: Carter Osborne (USA)

2nd: Luke Redmond (Ireland)

3rd: Mason Donnely (Ireland)

K49Women 18yrs & over Korean1st: Chloe Crawford (England)

2nd: Chloe Farrell (Ireland)

3rd: Louisa Johnson (England)

K58Men & Women Vets 35yrs + Korean1st: Alan Guilfoyle (Ireland)

2nd: Susan Crawford (England)

3rd: Syed Haider Mannan (England)

K05Boys 12yrs & under soft style1st: Felix Meja (Canada)

2nd: Jonah Farrel (Canada)

3rd: Antoine Diperno (Canada)

K32/K23Girls & Boys 13-17yrs soft style1st: Cameron Cooper (Canada)

2nd: Tyler Gooderham (Canada)

K50Women 18yrs & over soft style1st: Juliana Lisk (England)

2nd: Ruth Willams (Canada)

K63Women Vets 35yrs & over soft style1st: Ruth Williams (Canada)

2nd Lesley Stone (Canada)

K59Men Vets 35yrs & over soft style1st: Mark Smit (England)

2nd: Carey Stone (Canada)

3rd: Syed Haider Mannan (England)

K67Mixed 60yrs & over open division1st: Lesley Stone (Canada)

2nd: Mahoomed Ahran (South Africa)

3rd: Hira Mohan (South Africa)

K70Men & Women 18yrs + disability traditional1st:Diego De La Parra (Canada)

1st:Ciara Egan (Canada)

K06Boys 12yrs & under hardstyle weapons1st: Mitchell Street (Canada)

2nd: Jonah Farrell (Canada)

3rd: Bradley Birks (England)

K15Girls 12yrs & under hardstyle weapons1st: Mae Hamilton (Scotland)

2nd: Chloe Hubble (England)

3rd: Louisa Johnson (England

K24Boys 13-17yrs Hardstyle weapons1st: Shay White (Canada)

2nd: Braeden Heinl (Canada)

3rd: Calvin Smit (Canada)

K33Girls 13-17yrs Hardstyle weapons1st: Kitty Ross (Ireland)

2nd: Emmie Pierce (Canada)

3rd: Tyler Gooderham (Canada)

K51Women 18yrs & over Hardstyle weapons1st: Rachel Fice (Canada)

2nd: Chloe Crawford (England)

3rd: Lisa Davies (England)

K60Men Vets 35yrs & over Traditional weapons1st: Ruben Barnachea (Canada)

2nd: Mark Smit (England)

3rd: Stuart Ross (Canada)

K07Boys 12yrs & under soft style weapons1st: Nathan Kammerer (Canada)

2nd: Felix Mejia (Canada)

3rd: Antoine Diperno (Canada)

K25/K34Boys & Girls 13-17yrs soft style weapons1st: Cheyenne Kammerer (Canada)

2nd: Cameron Cooper (Canada)

K43/K52Men & women 18yrs+ Soft style weapons1st: Juliana Lisk (England)

2nd: Mark Smit (England)

3rd: Carey Stone (Canada)

K10Boys & Girls 12yrs & under creative open hand1st: Frankie Ulyatt (England)

2nd: Jack Doherty (England)

3rd: Delton Mcleod (Canada)

K28Boys 13-17yrs creative open hand1st: Shay White (Canada)

2nd: Alexandros Maizis (Canada)

3rd: Calvin Smit (Canada)

K37Girls 13-17yrs creative open hand1st: Ally Guilfoyle (Ireland)

2nd: Laura Talbot (Ireland)

3rd: Muireann White (Ireland)

K46Men 18yrs + creative open hand1st: Mahmood Mahomed (south Africa)

2nd: Diego De la Parra (Canada)

K11Boys 12yrs & under extreme open hand1st: Mahmood Mahomed (South Africa)

2nd: Ahmad Mohamed (South Africa)

K20Girls 12yrs & under extreme open hand1st: Frankie Ulyatt (England)

2nd: Isabel Shaw (Ireland)

3rd: Katelyn Diggins (Ireland)

K38Boys & Girls 13-17yrs Extreme Open Hand1st: Ally Guilfoyle (Ireland)

2nd: Ahmad Mahomed (South Africa)

K08Boys 12yrs & under creative weapons1st: Ahmad Mahomed (South Africa)

2nd: Jack Doherty (England)

3rd: Mahmood Mahomed (South Africa)

K17Girls 12yrs & under creative weapons1st: Frankie Ulyatt (England)

2nd: Isabel Shaw (Ireland)

3rd: Chloe Hubble (England)

K35Girls 13-17yrs creative weapons1st: Kitty Ross (Ireland)

2nd: Ally Guilfoyle (Ireland)

K26Boys 13-17yrs creative weapons1st: Shay White (Canada)

2nd: Mahmood Mahomed (South Africa)

3rd: Braeden Heinl (Canada)

K53/K65Men & Women 18yrs + Creative weapons1st: Rachel Fice (Canada)

2nd: Aslam Mahomed (South Africa)

3rd: Ruben Barnechea (Canada)

K09/K18Boys & Girls 12yrs & under extreme weapons1st: Mahmood Mahomed (South Africa)

2nd: Ahmad Mahomed (South Africa)

3rd: Salamah Mahomed (South Africa)

K36/K27Boys & girls 13-17yrs extreme weapons1st: Mahmood Mahomed (South Africa)

2nd: Ally Guilfoyle (Ireland)

3rd: Jake Waller (England)

K72Teams 17yrs & under girls/boys traditional1st: PBA FC (England)

2nd: Shentie A (England)

3rd: Shentie B (England)

K75Teams 18yrs + men/women traditional1st: LSKC 1 (England)

2nd: Team Canada (Canada)

3rd: LSKC 2 (England)

K78Adult & Junior mixed Traditional1st: Shentie (England)

2nd: Hieren (Canda)

3rd: Team Ireland (Ireland)

Ring Sports
Disability section1st: Regan Maggs (England)

2nd: Gary Wilkinson (England

FC 25Men 18yrs & over (-65kg)1st: Quinton Jack Smith (Australia)

2nd: Anthony O’Connor (Ireland)

3rd: Tarix Armish (Ireland)

FC 21Boys 15-17yrs (-65kg)1st: Jack Ross (Ireland)

2nd: Adam Kearry (Ireland)

FC 52Girls 15-17yrs (+65kg)1st: Erin Joanne Carter (Australia)

2nd: Ellena Joyce (Ireland)

FC 27Men 18yrs & over (-75kg)1st: Lloyd Lynch (Ireland)

2nd: Ashley King (England)

FC 05Boys 11-12yrs (-45kg)1st: Josh Ridell (Ireland)

2nd: Jamie Lawlor (Ireland)

3rd: Ross Prizeman (Ireland)

K1 09Boys 13-15yrs (-35kg)1st: Nicholas Reidy (Australia)

2nd: Ross Prizeman (Ireland)

K1 31Men 18yrs + (+90kg)1st: Brian Drapper (Ireland)

2nd: Daniel Joyce (Australia)

K1 20Boys 15-17yrs (-65kg)1st: Sean Higgins (Ireland)

2nd: Davey O’Connor (Ireland)


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