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The Bruce Lee Big Book Bonanza Competition

In collaboration with Carlton Books, Eastern Heroes, Bruce Thomas and Martin O’Neill two of our lucky readers are going to get an extra special New Year’s present from Martial Arts illustrated. ‘The Big Bruce Lee Book Bonanza’   competition will include book prizes: Bruce Lee Authorised Visual History by Steve Kerridge, Bruce Lee Beyond the Limits by Bruce Thomas, Jeet Kune Do Mind Set by Martin O’Neill and a full set of Bruce Lee Forever Scrapbooks, distributed by Ricky Baker at Eastern Heroes and produced by Steve Kerridge.

To enter and have a chance to win this bounty of books answer the following question:

What is Bruce’s favourite ‘movie’ weapon?

  1. Sword
  2. Nunchukus
  3. Spear

1st prize all the books, 2nd prize the Bruce Lee Visual History only.

To enter go online at www.maionline.co.uk or write your name, address, phone number and email address on the back of a postcard or sealed envelope and send to our address by 1st Feb 2018 (Brandon Lee’s birthday, Just so you do not forget) to ‘The Big Bruce Lee Book Bonanza competition’ C/O Impact Digital Press Ltd, 1st Floor, Turnbridge Mills, Quay Street, Huddersfield, HD1 6QT.

Moreover, the best of Bruce Lee luck!

Note: We would like to thank Chloe Moss at Carlton for all her help with the new Bruce Lee book plus Steve Kerridge, Ricky Baker, Bruce Thomas and Martin O’Neill for making this issue of our magazine very special. Thank you all.

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