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Matt fiddes hired by Meghan Markle, the U.K’s future princess?

Matt Fiddes, who is widely regarded as martial arts royalty, is speculated to be now teaching actual royalty!

Matt is Michael Jackson’s former bodyguard and a trainer to the stars. We ask, how did this come about?

According to Lizzie Cundy, TV Presenter for ITV, it came about because of her training with Matt after she received death threats. She says “I mentioned Matt to someone who looks after Meghan and told them that I had been using Matt and that he’s incredible and one of the best. I think it’s a great skill for any woman to have.”

“I recommended him and they’ve hired him.”

How did you meet Meghan Markle?

I was invited to a big charity dinner for Eva Longoria. Meghan had flown in from Canada. We got on very well and we made sure we sat together at dinner and had a real giggle. And the following night we were at the same event and made sure we sat together again. This was three years ago.”

Is Meghan prepared for being in the public eye as a royal with self defence skills? 

“She’s used to photographers and to the crowds. But noting, I suppose, can prepare you for being a royal princess. But knowing her personally, I think she’s going to cope better than anyone who has ever come into the royal family. She’s had a taste of it as she’s been brought up in Hollywood. She knows what’ it like being in the public eye.”

Along with self-defence skills, Matt is rumoured to be pushing fitness and preparation for the wedding. As a trainer known for his fitness as well as his fighting skills, this will certainly help the future princess in more ways than one.

Mark Lester, actor and lead in ‘Oliver!’ says “Hopefully she will never need to use it. But as far as fitness goes it comes useful. Good cardio for the body. She will be getting in good shape.”

When pressed if he is 100% sure it’s Matt Fiddes, Mark said “Matt’s not confirmed it, and I’m sure he will have a confidentiality agreement in place, but I’m sure it’s him. He’s taught many celebrities, Peter Andre included. Matt is the right choice.”

It doesn’t stop there either. Uri Geller, the renowned illusionist has been in the loop. Uri says “He’s a great guy. I don’t know how this rumour got out, but I think if there’s anyone skilled and talented to teach Meghan Merkel then it would be him.”

Uri’s relationship with Matt Fiddes goes back decades, and is also responsible for introducing him to Michal Jackson. “I introduced him to Michael Jackson about 20 years ago in 1998. He’s taught martial arts and fitness to huge name celebrities which I won’t divulge. I’m not surprised this rumour is out there because if I was a royal I would reach out to him.”

Uri’s own experience includes being a soldier himself, and working for the CIA. “I worked for the CIA I know how it works. I have been a paratrooper in Israel. I have fought in a war.  I think knowing martial arts can save your life if you get attacked.” This is something we agree with at Martial Arts Illustrated, and Uri continues “Very famous celebrities have to have this at least basic knowledge because you never know who might attack you. There are very crazy people out there.”

Asking if he feels that Matt has actually secured the role as Meghan Markles trainer, Uri says “I wouldn’t be surprised. It’s a great choice by the royals. Best source would be you’ll have to talk to Matt.”

I worked with Matt when we covered defensive tactics for the Mail Online after the London Bridge Terror attacks. So, as suggested by Uri Geller, I have spoken to Matt’s spokesperson, Rebecca May… and no one is confirming anything… yet.

Martin Brown, Director

Global Protection Systems

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