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Tyler Ford Wins His 44th gold at the Scottish International Championships

Tyler Ford Wins His 44th gold at the Scottish International Championships

World Kickboxing Champion Tyler Ford has won his 44th gold of the year at the Scottish International Championships.

Tyler, who only started fighting on the tournament circuit in November 2015, has won everything in his path, including British, European and World titles. He has also won a huge amount of national and international tournaments, including the German Cup and Dutch Open.

Tyler gave up a career in football where he was playing for the Swansea City football academy after coming home from school one day and telling his dad he just wanted to fight. This was music to Dad’s ears, being a 35 year veteran to martial arts himself. Here the hard training began for Tyler, where before this, he only trained twice a week in Kickboxing.

Tyler is only 8 years old, however his fighting abilities are second to none. He trains like a professional fighter, and this is done off his own back. Training has become playing to Tyler, it’s what he loves. His ambition is to fight in the Glory events when he is old enough. People have stated that he punches like a professional boxer and his feet are amazing too. His weight is only 22kg, but he fights in the under 25kg, under 30kg, and under 35kg. In the recent world championships Tyler faced the under 35kg 3x world champion, five years his senior, and ended the fight in seconds. His power and abilities were just to strong for his opponent.

As a member of the Welsh Kickboxing Squad he trains in Kickboxing and Taekwon-do, as well as low kick, K1 and Boxing. He loves anything to do with martial arts. He will soon be fighting in the Bristol Open before jetting off to Greece to fight in the K1 event being held there. In the future his sights are set on the 2017 Irish Open. Tyler trains at the Shark Tank Kickboxing Gym in Swansea under head coach Master Chris Sparks (7th degree).

Tyler is a very calculating fighter and you can see his mind work like a computer when he is competing. His speed and hitting power is frightening and he has on many occasions put adults to the floor when sparring with his liver shots. However, he would never hurt anyone who he knows can’t take it and he always lets the younger fighters beat him up in class. The kids love it, and Tyler does too.

Outside the ring, Tyler is a very nice boy, and always helps anyone who needs it and he is always respectful to others. Tyler’s 5 year old sister is the current European champion and his dad Anthony is the current world champion too. Tyler would like to say thank you to Bob Sykes and team at MAI for all the hard work you do for the sport he really loves. Tyler stated that without MAI magazine, he would have nothing to read.


Tyler’s Day

7am: Wakeup and have breakfast, before a short warm up then 1 hour bag work (Tyler does this alone at his gym at home).

8:30am: Off to school

3.30pm: Arrive home from school and relax, have tea then get ready for training.

5.45pm: Off to gym for 2 and half hours training session which vary from day to day.
Mondays: Warm up, training covering basics, footwork, stances, combinations, sparring points fighting, ending with talk on days training and stretch off.

Tuesdays: Warm up then K1, Boxing and Low kick training, sparring in the ring, 3 minute rounds, and lots of them.

Wednesdays: Same as Monday, plus jogging

Thursdays: Same as Tuesday, plus aerobatics kicking

Fridays: Only 1 hour training after school covering, strength, conditioning, light weights for resistance training ending with chat with Master Chris Sparks and Wendy Evans-Sparks about anything Tyler would like to talk about, and ask questions etc. Tyler talks about his week, covering school work, training and hobbies. Chris is very interested in listening and helping him by answering questions Tyler has. He has a very strong bond with his coach, which is great.

Saturday is fun day. Tyler likes to go fishing or shooting with his dad in the morning after breakfast, then out playing with his mates. Tyler would even use this day to train if he had his own way, but Dad insists on him having a rest day to have fun.

Sunday: Tyler’s favourite, tournament day. This could be anywhere in the country.

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