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Does McGregor have Anything to Lose from Fighting Mayweather?

Does McGregor have Anything to Lose from Fighting Mayweather

The ‘super-fight’ has been announced and, finally, a former athlete and an athlete in his prime will meet at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, USA, in a sanctioned professional boxing match to put an end to the talk. Reigning two-weight UFC champion Conor McGregor will trade his MMA fight gloves for a set of full leather boxing gloves to take on the out-of-retirement Floyd Mayweather Jr, who ended his career 49-0 in 2015.

This fight is for the pure purposes of entertainment and generating money, with neither fighter likely having another boxing match after this bout. However, whichever way the ‘super-fight’ goes, Conor McGregor doesn’t stand to lose much at all; merely make gains.

The Unfavoured McGregor

As you would expect from a man who hasn’t fought in a meaningful boxing match as an amateur or a professional, Conor McGregor comes in as the underdog, despite Mayweather Jr having spent the last couple of years out of the ring. He’s also now 40-years-old.

In fact, betting tips info for the fight on August 26 favour Mayweather Jr winning by technical knockout, knockout, or disqualification (17/20), as well as the fight to not go the distance (8/13). With Mayweather Jr so heavily favoured, few would be surprised if McGregor lost, especially as he can be found at very long odds just to win the fight (up to 40/1).

Now, while one would assume that Mayweather Jr would walk to victory given the fact that he was undefeated in his career – during which he faced boxers instead of MMA fighters-turned-boxers – McGregor should, perhaps, not be underestimated so much. A bet on the fight not to go the distance should be fairly safe as a knockout seems predictable, but McGregor could be the favourable one to secure such a win.

Floyd Mayweather Jr was always about defence and, while that didn’t bring about the most exciting fights, it was effective in his division. For example, in his long-anticipated bout with Manny Pacquiao, the Filipino was allowed to unload flurries of punches, but the American was able to mark the vast majority of them in as blocked.

To add to that, Mayweather Jr hasn’t knocked someone out since 2011 (Victor Ortiz ) and took his next seven matches to decision. McGregor should push his only advantage – his more aggressive and potentially more potent offence – to try to fluster the former boxing champion. If he does, he will make a good bet to get a knockout win.

McGregor’s Payday Either Way

The main stall of this fight coming to fruition was the money-side, alongside the American’s belief that a big fight needs to take a long-time to happen to get enough hype and more money. The focus was on Floyd Mayweather Jr wanting a nine-figure payday, which he has been granted, but McGregor isn’t doing too badly from the fight either, as he’ll be receiving at least $75million, which is five times as much as he’s made from a UFC fight.

At the end of it, McGregor will be getting a huge payday for coming into a fight that he’s not expected to win and is wildly out of his comfort zone for, which will be watched by a large audience. So, whichever way the fight goes, McGregor will be gaining from this fight regarding money, and he’ll likely get a few more fans.


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