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Stephanie Inglis Continues to Show Improvement

Stephanie Inglis

Scottish judoka Stephanie Inglis has continued her miraculous recovery after being relocated from a regular hospital ward into a more specialist rehabilitation unit according to a post on the SaveSteph Facebook page by her family and friends.

Twenty seven year old Inglis was out in Vietnam when she suffered serious head trauma when she was involved in a motorbike taxi accident back in May. Prior to the accident she had spent 4 months in Vietnam teaching underprivileged children. It is believed her skirt had unravelled before getting caught up in the motorbike wheel.

After the accident the doctors in Vietnam gave her a 1 in 100 chance of surviving her injuries. After initially being treated in Vietnam she was flown to Thailand where she was treated in a Bangkok hospital for her injuries as well as pneumonia. She was flown back to Edinburgh earlier this month and has been getting treatment at the Western General Hospital.

Stephanie’s family and friends have been a key part of her recovery especially when it came to light that her travel insurance had been invalidated because she had been in Vietnam for more than the permitted 31 days. They set up a crowdfunding campaign to help pay her medical bills.

The 27 year old, who won silver at the Commonwealth Games in 2014, is originally from Daviot near Inverness where her parents still reside but more recently has been living in Dunfermline. When she arrived back in Scotland she was able to open her eyes and say “Hi” to her parents Robert and Alison Inglis.

This latest move shows that Stephanie’s recovery is going in the right direction with doctor’s acknowledging that she was ready for the next step in her treatment.

You can see the full update from the SaveSteph Facebook page run by her friends and family below.

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