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Our Top 5 Favourite Bruce Lee Merchandise

Our Top 5 Favourite Bruce Lee Merchandise

Bruce Lee, the martial artist, the Hollywood star, the artist, the philosopher – the legend. There’s nobody more iconic in the martial arts world than Bruce Lee. It’s no wonder that Bruce Lee merchandise is everywhere on the internet. We’re also super excited for the Bruce Lee official store to open its doors to the public. We have a few collectibles ourselves, but sometimes it can be difficult to sift through the sheer volume of Bruce Lee merchandise and find the really good stuff. Like the man himself said: ‘Quality, man, quality. If quality is right, then everything is right.’ That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our Top 5 favourite Bruce Lee merchandise out there on the net.

  1. T-shirts

By far, T-shirts are the most popular form of branding for anything and everything. If you just type ‘Bruce Lee t-shirts’ into Google, you’ll find dozens of great quality T-shirts all of the great Bruce Lee. But for us, there’s just one particular shirt that always seems to hit a soft spot in us – an outline of Bruce Lee training with Ip Man, his also famous martial art master. Who could’ve told him that his most famous pupil would die only a year after him? Besides, this shirt is of great quality and can be worn by any gender.

  1. Buttons and Patches

If you’re looking to jazz up a backpack or a jacket with something that shows off your love of martial arts and Bruce Lee, then buttons and patches are the way to go. EBay has a lot of custom designed ones with imprints of Bruce Lee either from his films or from famous photographs. We love the ones which look a bit cartoon-y or that are in black and white, just like they should be.

  1. Original Movie Posters

You need to have a bit of extra cash to spend to be able to afford original movie posters (if you can find them). They might not be in a language you understand, but if they’re the real deal then they have a certain magical aura to them that’s hard to capture through any other Bruce Lee merchandise. Scour the internet or sites like Etsy, and you might just find yourself in luck.

  1. Branded slot games

Branded slot games became very popular a few years ago in the online gambling industry, and new ones keep coming out year after year. Of course, someone legendary like Bruce Lee and his stellar films couldn’t be left out from this equation. So we weren’t that surprised when we came across a Bruce Lee slot. It has a different structured gameplay than other online slots, and some great payout opportunities. We even found a pretty good place to try out a free slots version of the Bruce Lee slot.

It’s nothing compared to watching the real deal on screen, of course, but it’s still a good way of immersing yourself in the world of kung fu action, ninja skills and, best of all, Bruce Lee. The software manufacturer clearly programmed this online slot to reflect what it means to have fists of fury like the great dragon himself. And the sequel to that slot, called Bruce Lee Dragon’s Story, isn’t half bad either.

  1. Figurines

Hands down our favourite type of Bruce Lee merchandise. Especially if you can move the joints around to make him pose in actual fighting positions. Really great figurines are usually only available for a limited time, so you have to be on high alert constantly to grab them when they’re just out. We also like the chibi versions of Bruce Lee, like this one. Basically, anything that has a resemblance to him and is made well makes a good collectible to have.

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