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Top 10 Bruce Lee Moments

Top 10 Bruce Lee Moments

Bruce Lee might not have made many movies but they were full of some epic moments. Here’s a countdown of the top 10 Bruce Lee moments compiled by watchmojo.com.

10. Ice Factory Big Boss

Lee is outnumbered in an ice factory. He improvises using whatever he can including throwing an assailant threw a wooden wall comedy person-shaped hole style.

9. Nunchuk Fight – Way of the Dragon

Lee’s character is taken out back by members of the mafia to be killed. Luckily he turns the tide on his captors. The mafia boss sends out his gang to finish Lee off but ‘no guns’ allowing Lee to show off his trademark nunchuk skills.

8. Upgrades – Enter The Dragon

Lee fights his way into the underground layer where he must fight seemingly endless henchmen. As he defeats wave after wave he shows off his various weapon skills ending with, you guessed it, nunchuks.

7. The Giant – Game of Death

Sporting his trademark yellow jumpsuit, the 5 foot 6 inch tall Lee battles the 7 foot tall basketball player Kareem Abdul Jabbar using his giant opponent’s size against him before choking the guy out.

Game of Death Banner

6. Vengeance – Enter The Dragon

“Boards don’t hit back”. Lee comes up against O’Hara (Bob Wall) in a martial arts tournament. He beats the man who forced his sister to commit suicide ending with the classic Bruce Lee scream.

5. Facing Petrov – Fist of Fury

Lee is on yet another quest for revenge this time against the man who killed his master. He comes up against Petrov played by Lee’s real life student Bob Baker. A Brutal fight mixed with comedy moments.

4. No Respect – Fist of Fury

Lee turns up to teach a martial arts school some respect after they mocked his dead master. He takes on the whole dojo single-handedly including an appearance by those nunchuks again.

3. Finish Him – The Big Boss

Lee plays a man sworn to no violence who is forced to break his oath to avenge the death of his family. Lee wins the fight by deflecting a throwing knife back at his foe before thrusting his fingers into his opponents chest – Mortal Kombat style.

2. Hall of Mirrors – Enter The Dragon

The last fight of Enter The Dragon sees Lee come up against Mr Han. The fight includes the scene where Bruce Lee picks up his trademark scratches.

1. Bruce vs Chuck – Way of the Dragon

Was there ever any doubt this would be number one? The two come up against each other in the Colosseum in Rome and while Lee emerges the victor he shows the respect his opponent has earned covering his body. We can’t help but feel the fight may have ended differently if Chuck was sporting his beard back then.

Do you agree with these top 10 Bruce Lee moments? If not what would you have included? Let us know in the comments below!

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