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The Yellow Emperor and the earliest Chinese martial arts

The Yellow Emperor and the earliest Chinese martial arts

Western ideology makes people think that martial arts were developed to serve as the ultimate means of destroying one’s enemy or opponent. The western world has even continued to preach that martial arts skills are the ultimate form of self-defense that human beings can have. But whereas these fighting systems have formidable self-defense tactics, the ultimate goal is not always in the way of violence. Instead, these goals are deeply rooted in Oriental mores and even religion. Fighting systems were created to be a way of life, and not a means to cause violence to a fellow human being.

The Yellow Emperor and the early Chinese martial arts

There is some strong evidence pointing to the fact that martial arts originated in China. These fighting systems can be traced back to the era of the Oriental man. In fact, the elements of the various fighting systems are now known as Kung Fu, and they date back to the Neolithic Age – a time when the Yellow Emperor was the ruler of the Chinese people.

The earliest forms of martial arts appear in the story of Huangdi, an ancient ruler who is being credited for bringing civilizations to the Chinese people. Through his leadership, the Chinese tribal life of those days underwent a major transformation to adapt a new civilized image.

This man had a special relationship with the yellow earth. That is why he was named Huangdi. Huang means yellow in Chinese language. Di means emperor. During his time, there lived many clans and tribes along the Yellow River, and Huangdi was the most popular tribal leader of all, thanks to his vast fighting skills and all-round knowledge.

Huangdi’s tribe continued to flourish even as that which was led by Yandi (a close relative to the Yellow Emperor) was declining. On the other hand, Chiyou (who led a strong tribe) brought chaos by invading other tribes. But with the help of the Yellow Emperor, Chiyou lost his battles.

It is recorded that Huangdi used classical Chinese methods as his weapon to defeat Chiyou and his people. History also records that the art of Kung Fu originated and evolved through these ancient times when the Yellow Emperor was the ruler of the Chinese tribes.

The Shang dynasty 1523-1027 B.C

Evidence suggests that Kung Fu and other Chinese fighting methods thrived in this era. It is also during this era that certain fighting methods evolved into a folk dance in which people put on animal horns on their heads with the intention of butting each other. This would then lead to grabbing and throwing the opponent on the ground.

However, people were not fighting using Kung Fu techniques only. They were also supplementing their weapons with chariots, horses, spears, knives, arrows, and even needles. This signifies that the Shang Dynasty was characterized by elements of advanced fighting tactics.

Fighting was not Huangdi’s ultimate goal

He might have introduced the earliest forms of Chinese martial arts techniques. But according to what history records, fighting was not in his priority. That is why the Yellow Emperor was credited for being the first person to bring civilization to the ancient Chinese people.

For example, he concentrated more on science, architecture, and culture. This is why palaces and boats were built in his time. In addition to this, people started using arithmetic and also discovering medicine for purposes of healing various ailments.

Also, Huangdi invented tools that would help people tell direction. Then he also introduced agriculture to improve food security. And with the help of his wife, people learned how to spin thread into silk. His officials invented musical instruments too. In general, this man was only concerned with bringing holistic development to the Chinese people of that time.

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