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Betting Tips for Beginners to make your best win – Every thing you need to know about Jushua Vs Parker

If you are not a seasoned better it is certain that you need to look around for effective betting tips like Joshua Parker tips so you can easily follow and place your best bets in the event. This article provides with easy to follow tips for beginners so you can get started with making money from the race track.

But here in this article we are discussing about Joshua Vs Parker. It’s Anthony Joshua Vs Joseph Parker (Heavy Weight – Champions) both claiming for World title championship in the 2018 major boxing event.

Parker will be putting on his heavy weight WBO belt while 28 year old Joshua will be playing defending part in the same match against Parker. Joshua will be defending his IBF and WBA title in the match against Larker.

Date of the big event

It is expected that both Joshua and Parker will be seen against each other in the Boxing Bout on March 31st 2018.


The big event is expected to be organized at the Cardiff Principality Stadium. This is the same stadium where earlier Joshua had also played a match against Takam Carlos for defending his Title and won the match.


Audiences who want to enjoy the match can officially enjoy it on their television sets as well as in the stadium Live no later than 10:30 PM.

What fans have to say about Joshua and Parker

Joshua has been seen performing well in his past matches. Even when playing a match against Wladimir Klitschko, Joshua showed some of the best performance. He was seen to finish the match very well against Wladimir as Joshua used his technique of giving opponent no chances to stand and fight back.

His fans also agree that Joshua is a boxer who has displayed his technique and speed and the combination of two is what helps him win the match against his opponents. Joshua is so fast that he hardly offers his opponents any chance to recover back in the fight.

Unlike Joshua, fans can also see some of the best sparring techniques been used by Parker. He is known to for his fast skills and good sparring techniques. In the bout Parker has always displayed some of his best performances against his opponent.

He is a type of player who will not give up easily against his opponents in any match. His performance and techniques are simply best and he is also very fast with reflexes.

That is one of the main features any boxing player should have – good reflexes. Even if Parker might have been dropped in a few matches by his opponents, but soon he manages to recover fast and fight back to make his best win. That’s the type of spirit that is seen amongst top rated players, they don’t just give up easily.

So when speaking of the match against Parker and Joshua, it is obvious that they are going to be tough against each other in the boxing bout. Both are having their own boxing techniques and they are fast and most important they don’t just give up easily against their opponents. So for fans it is obvious that they will get to enjoy the best boxing heavy weight championship on 31st March 2018.

Words for the fans

As per past performance, you have to remember that both Parker & Joshua are heavy weight champions and both are believed to be undefeated by opponents in the bout. They are both best fighters and have the potential to win any fight or opponent. They have been known to win each fight in the past by knockouts!

As per the PR there are predicts that both are true winners and the fight between them can either be both as knockouts or a draw. Even if this is the case still there are a number of fans who feel that Joshua is gaining more number of fan supports as compared to Parker. Fans have Bookmarked Joshua the winner of the match on 31st.

When speaking of odds on both players fans have rated 1 on 10 for Joshua to win the match. Odds of Parker winning the match have been rated as 6 to 1. As per fans the match goes on a draw has been rated as 20 to 1.

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